Ain’t no party like a SENA party!

Sometime last week, I was informed by my mentor that I needed to cancel class the next morning to attend a meeting at SENA. He refused to tell me what this meeting was about, so I showed up the next day and found the other volunteers, teachers, and some of my students in the auditorium. They had prepared a volunteer appreciation event that included live music, dancing, and comedy – all performed by SENA students and staff.

It was awesome.


20141021_095115 - Copy 20141021_095359 - Copy 20141021_101303 - Copy


And then it got more awesome….

20141021_103117 - Copy 20141021_103600 20141021_105218

And then all the volunteers had to get up and make a speech in Spanish. Which was less awesome, but the crowd was very forgiving.

It was great to see how talented all my students are, and it was a really fun show…

But the party doesn’t stop there. Yesterday, I was informed by my students that they were going to an activity at another SENA campus, so we wouldn’t have class, but I needed to go with to take attendance. It turns out it was another music and dancing show, with a comedy skit thrown in as well. Right around 5:00, the crowd started dispersing, but my class decided to stick around and keep listening to the band that was playing. Then they decided to get out on the dance floor, and take me with them. A few stragglers from other classes came out to join us, but mostly it was just my class and I, bringing the party. I had a great time, and I think my students got a kick out of my gringa dance moves. 🙂


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