Ya Gotta Love ‘Em

Even when you tell them for the 12th time to Please. Shut. Your. Pieholes! and they continue to chatter. Even when you give them homework and the next day half the class “forgot” it at home. Even when every week you have to patiently explain to them, that no, you can’t just decide to cancel class because it’s Friday and they’re tired. Students. Ya still gotta love ’em.

If you asked me a couple years ago if I ever wanted to work with teenagers, I would have said, “No thank you. Teenagers are the worst.” Then last year, I started working with them at Child Protective Services, and it turns out, they’re kind of my favorites. They’re goofy and loud and embarrassing. One minute they’re yelling at you over the phone and dramatically slamming it down on the receiver. The next minute, they call you back all cheery, like “Hey, sorry about that!” They make terrible decisions. Like all the time. But they have big plans and dreams and lots of potential.

I miss my CPS kids, and I know I am going to miss my SENA kids too. They have really been a lot of fun to work with. I was going to write a whole long post about why they’re awesome, but you kind of just have to know them.

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