Foto Ruta Santiago

On Christmas Eve day, I met with a wonderful lady named Cat, who leads the Santiago Foto Ruta tour. Since it was a holiday, I was the only one who had signed up for the tour. Cat is a photographer from England who moved to Chile, and Foto Ruta is a photography tour that is offered in a few cities around the world. A few months back, I decided to treat myself to a camera upgrade and bought a DSLR. I read great things about the tour on Trip Adviser, and thought it would be a nice opportunity to improve my shots. Cat had a lot of helpful advice, and she took me to some interesting areas in the city. My favorite was a wall on a side street that some artist continually updates with really random, sometimes disturbing objects. I can’t really describe it, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Cat says the wall is always changing, and there’s new things added every time she comes by. At the end of the tour, we stopped at a café in Lastarria to have a cup of tea and look over the photos I had taken. I was pretty happy with the results. Here are some of my favorites:











20141224_123304 20141224_123633 20141224_123800 20141224_124213 20141224_125146


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