Bogota Bike Tour


Bianca getting ready to set off.

Bianca and I decided to take the Bogota Bike Tour to do some sightseeing around the city. The tour started in La Candelaria, where we were equipped with a bike and a helmet. I have never ridden a bike in a big city before, and Colombia isn’t exactly known for adhering to traffic rules, so at first I was a little terrified that I was about to become roadkill, but after a little while I relaxed.


Our tour guide.

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and definitely didn’t hold back his opinions. He showed us the good, the bad, and the ugly of the city and it’s history. We visited the Plaza de Bolivar, a fruit market, where we got to sample some Colombian fruits, a tejo court, where we saw some men playing tejo (a game involving explosives that I really want to try) surrounded by more empty bottles of Poker beer than I could count.


We rode to the bullfighting stadium, which is currently not being used, as bullfighting has been outlawed in the capital. We stopped at a coffee roastery and sampled a cup. We saw some great street art. And if that wasn’t excitement enough, he even rode us through the red light district.

The last stretch was a really busy street during rush hour. Our guide warned us that it would be tough going, and then he was off. When we got through it and back to a calmer area, he did a quick head count, and made a light-hearted comment about how he was surprised we were all still alive, as if that was usually not the case.


Playing tejo.


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