To the Coast

On December 30th, Bianca and I boarded an early morning plane to Barranquilla. From there we caught a bus to Cartagena, because this way was cheaper than flying direct to Cartagena. We checked in to our hostel, then sought out some badly needed pedicures.


Our hostel, Casa Mara

Just a note on how small of a world it is. Back in December of 2012, I couchsurfed in Thessaloniki with an awesome guy named Giorgos. I found him on the couchsurfing website. He had spent a lot of time in Peru, and spoke Spanish and was willing to put me up for a night as I traveled through on my way back to Georgia (the country). He was a super nice guy, and made my one and only couchsurfing experience great. In November, a few weeks after I had gone to Cartagena the first time, he messaged me on Facebook saying he had seen some of my pictures and asking if I was in Colombia. I said I was, and he told me he had been living in Cartagena for about 3 years, running a Greek restaurant with a friend of his. I googled his restaurant, Grecia Cafe y Suvlaki, and it popped up on Trip Advisor, complete with a picture of him in the restaurant with a customer. The restaurant was located in the Walled City, where I had stayed the first time, and I had surely walked past it more than once without even knowing he was in there.

So now that I was back, we stopped in to say hi and test out the food. The restaurant was super busy, but Giorgos had time for a quick chat, and we managed to snag a table pretty quickly. Even though we both love Colombian food, Bianca and I had to admit that those gyros were easily in the top 3 of the best meals we’d had in the country.


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