New Years in Cartagena

On New Years Eve Day, we decided to relax on the beach, so we took a boat to Isla Baru, to spend a day on Playa Blanca. Compared to the beach that I went to in Cartagena on my last trip, the hour long boat ride to Playa Blanca was definitely worth it. The water was blue, cold, and refreshing, as opposed to the murky lukewarm water in Cartagena, and the sand was white instead of brown and dirty. We’re classy bitches, so we brought a box of wine with us and enjoyed it while basking in the sun. Lunch was included with the boat trip, so we had a delicious meal of fried fish and coconut rice, very typical on the coast.


Lunch next to the ocean.


Coco Loco

We stayed until mid-afternoon, when Bianca almost made us miss our boat back to the mainland (I will never let you live it down, B). Once we were back, we tried to recuperate our energy with naps and showers, before seeing what we could find for New Years Eve activities. We weren’t particularly hopeful, since every bar or restaurant in the entire city seemed to have events going on where you had to pay at least $100 just to get into the bar at all. So we figured we would just stand in the square and watch the fire works and call it a night. First order of business was finding supper, though, and that turned into quite the ordeal due to the aforementioned fact that all the restaurants were not letting in just any old riffraff off the street. After hunting for a while, we gave Giorgos’ place a try again and had another plate of delicious gyros.

20141231_235840We went to the square, but we were still pretty early, so we decided on another quick powernap before heading out to the square to watch the fireworks. The firework show was pretty good, and afterwards, everyone in the street started playing music and dancing, because this is Colombia, and what else would you expect? We started talking to a group of Colombians who were in the military and based in Cartagena. It was a bunch of dudes and one of their girlfriends. I think she was happy to add some more estrogen to the group, and she asked if we wanted to come dancing with them, since she knew a place where we could go without having to pay a ridiculously extravagant cover charge. The bar was a lot of fun, and we ended up ringing in the New Year pretty well.

What we failed to predict was how difficult it would be to get a bus to Santa Marta on New Years Day. And we definitely needed to get to Santa Marta, because we were leaving from there for the Lost City tour the following day. We got to Barranquilla and luckily were able to find another bus going to Santa Marta in the end. We got to our hostel and prepared to go into the jungle for 4 days. It was at that point that I realized how unprepared we were to go into the jungle for 4 days. But we managed to get our shit 20141231_215108kind of together before heading to the office the next morning.


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